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Exotic live tropical plant sculptures of orchids and bromeliads made to grow with no soil and minimal watering. Our colorful, unique interior planters are designed for easy maintenance and lasting beauty. Each unique creation for indoor or outdoor decor is made for your setting and delivered to your location. Browse our catalog by subject or click any thumbnail to see larger images.
Bromeliads, Driftwood, Blown Glass

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Tillandsia and Glass Arrangement Bromeliads in Blue Glass Tropical Plant Centerpieces Tropical Plant Office Decor

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About A Nu-Leaf Designs Tropical Plant Sculptures

For Interior Designers, Decorators, Landscape and Interiorscape Designers, Event Planners, Business Owners, and Homeowners, innovative and exotic A Nu Leaf tropical living plant sculptures are strikingly beautiful interior or exterior plant decor, free of soil, requiring very little water and tolerant of low light conditions. These are interior plant arrangements made to impress!

Say goodbye to scraggly, drab floorplants, sickly potted plants, water hazards and soil in your interiors. A Nu Leaf Designs plant sculptures, made in any size, designed to suit the need, can be used tabletop as centerpieces, to add living dramatic accents where needed, or combined with pottery for tall pieces to accent entryways, or enhance corners of a room.

A Nu Leaf Designs meets your special requirements and is ready to consult with you on the best design, materials and colors for your application. Whether for special events, the lobby, or interior or patio decor, A Nu Leaf Designs are both clean and unique, with stunning combinations of tropical plants selected for their longevity, colors, and contrasts of foliages.

Each order comes with a plant mister for easy maintenance. Spritz your sculpture once a day and it will stay vibrant and fresh. Larger bromeliads require occasionally filling their centers with water. No more overflowing saucers or water marks on the floor or furnishings.

Sculptures on Display

Marvelous gifts for grand openings, house warmings, newlyweds, or simply a breathtaking presentation for tropical plant lovers, A Nu Leaf Designs delivers to your location in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Browse our catalog of designs for just a few possibilities. Then, contact A Nu Leaf for a custom design consultation to make your interior space come alive with tropical color.

Vriesa and Tillandsia Orchids, Bromeliads, Wood Bromeliad Orchid Sculpture Bromeliads with Orchids
Plant Sculpture at Morgan Stanley
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Bromeliads, Glass, Orchids

Bromeliad Bowl Centerpiece

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